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Planning a festival, concert, art exhibition, or cultural event? In2event streamlines organization. Manage artists, speakers, crew, suppliers, and guests effortlessly, including automated tasks. 

In2event for Music & Festivals

In2event lets you streamline the planning process and keep all important information neatly organized in one place. Discover our key features below.

Start off right with a seamless registration process

Say goodbye to the tedious process of manually registering attendees. With In2event, registration is as easy as the click of a button.

Key features

Customizable registration forms
Centralized lists and overviews
Seamless experience for attendees and organizers

Effortlessly coordinate all bands, DJs, speakers, panelists, and other performers

Whether your event hosts bands, DJs, speakers, panelists, performers, or all of them, In2event helps you schedule and coordinate their participation. Keep track of their details and requirements, and communicate with them in one centralized place.

Key Features

Centralized scheduling and coordination

Easily organize performance times and ensure smooth transitions between acts.

Detailed tracking of performer requirements

Manage and monitor all technical and hospitality needs for each performer.

Streamlined communication

Communicate seamlessly with all participants to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Take the hassle out of session planning and automate with us

Easily plan all time slots and open up sessions or workshops to attendees. Fill out the number of open spots, and let attendees register themselves.

Key features

Automated session and workshop planning

Schedule sessions with ease, ensuring no conflicts or overlaps.

Self-registration for attendees

Allow attendees to sign up for sessions or workshops on their own.

Simplified session management

Monitor attendance and manage session logistics effortlessly.

Your all-round, digital platfrom during showdays

Production Control
Keep track of production items. Check which items have been picked up and hold suppliers responsible for things they’ve requested but didn’t collect.

Integrate Our Hardware
Connect scanners and printers to Mission Control. Scan e-tickets, and wristbands or badges are printed automatically. Your crowd is good to go within a minute.

Make sure everyone arrives prepped and well informed

Key Benefits


Send out briefings with all necessary information.

Personalized itineraries

Add personalized itineraries to the briefings.

Professional Execution

Automatically personalize e-tickets and include them with the briefings.

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What our clients say

In2Event has accelerated the production process for me in so many different ways! From gathering information from suppliers to sending out briefings. I could always find the overview in In2Event. My support throughout every production!
At DGTL, we have been working with In2Event since 2017 for our annual festivals and events during the Amsterdam Dance Event. The tool assists us with production, program modules, guest lists, and briefings. In2event even developed a new accreditation and check-in/out system using QR-code wristbands, significantly improving our event management.
With In2Event, we have a powerful tool in hand to streamline the Artist advancing process and centralize all information. Additionally, we annually process thousands of employees through In2Event's backstage accreditation system. The possibilities with In2Event are endless, and the team is available day and night to support you or brainstorm out-of-the-box ideas and implement new features. For us, In2Event is a very pleasant and reliable partner with whom we can handle any production.
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