In2event is an online event management platform. We a lot of different features to help you to organize your events. You can check out our animation video for a quick overview. 

We support all sorts of events. TV productions, festivals, sporting events, B2B events, art shows, concerts at big venues; we’ve done it all. Are you unsure if we can help with the specific type of events you’re organizing? Get in touch with us and we’ll figure it out together. But chances are, we can help! You can also schedule a free demo call with us. 

Absolutely! Currently, we have three packages that all contain their own set of features. It is up to you to decide which packages fit your needs. We are working on even more options in customizing which features you want. 

Besides that, all features are versatile. There is a certain way of working we have in mind when creating a feature, but in reality, we see that every client uses them in their way. It all depends on the workflow you prefer. 

For sure! Every piece of data you process in the platform is tracked. We have an extensive list of reports by default. Missing something? Big chance you can create the custom report you need with our pivot table.

We offer meetings where we demonstrate the platform and answer your questions. These calls are completely free of charge, and there are no strings attached. After a demo meeting, you can get access to a test account. In this account, you can try out the platform for yourself.

Schedule your free demo meeting here. 

In2event’s security measures are exceptional due to our advanced technical infrastructure, 24/7 real-time monitoring, continuous system improvements, and proactive vulnerability management. We strictly comply with data protection standards, never share personal data with third parties unless legally required, and have built a trusted reputation for our commitment to privacy and security. By choosing In2event, you can trust that your data is well-protected.



We do! We have a wide range of hardware equipment available for rent. We have scanners, PDA’s, kiosk screens, voucher printers and wristband printers. 

You can use these items to set up your check-in areas, or to manage zones with special access levels. 

Are you seeking answers on how something in the platform works? Struggling with hardware installation? Don’t worry! Have you checked out our online help center? It’s packed with hundreds of articles about using the platform’s features.

During office hours, you can also reach us through our general phone number. That’s 0183-769092.

Yes, we do offer on-site support! You can hire one of our experienced event managers to be present during your show days. Our event managers can lead your check-in areas, ensuring that all In2event hardware is properly installed and functioning seamlessly. They will oversee the check-in team, handle any issues that may arise, and ensure a smooth registration process for your attendees.

In addition, if you require extra assistance, we can also provide personnel for the check-in team to support your event needs.

Definitely! You can find our partners on this page. If you have a specific integration in mind we don’t offer, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are very open to working together with other companies.

We offer a free mobile app that supports your access management.

This app is connected to all event data. Using this app allows you to check in attendees when they arrive, or check out attendees when they leave. You could use that information to register working hours or to have real-time insight into the number of attendees present at the venue. 

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