on-site services

Support on location

Are you short on hands? Or do you simply sleep better knowing that there’ll be an In2event pro on-site? No worries! We have several amazing employees on speed dial that are experienced with In2event.

From scanning staff to someone who can manage the entire check-in process at your event, we’ve got your back.

On-site experience

Our crew has years of experience in the event field. Big events, small events, music festivals, or sports events and everything in between; we’ve been there. Because of this, our support on-location team is proactive and can actively assist you.

We stay calm during stressful times, can shift quickly, and always have a creative solution for any problems that may arise.

We'll take everything off your back

If you choose for In2event’s support on location, your team gets expanded with a true In2event Pro.

They will take away all of your worries and take everything that’s related to our system off your plate. Your entrance management and crowd management will run smoothly, while you have your hands free for your other tasks.

Our In2event Pro's are coming to your rescue

Setting up your check-in area

Our Pro’s can help you set up the entire check-in area. Installing printers and scanners is a chore we’ve done many times before.

We’ll make sure everything is working and that every crew member knows what to do.


If there are any problems that arise on the big day, your Pro is here! We do all the troubleshooting and make sure everything is up and running again within no time.

Check-in staff

If you’re confident you can handle everything on your showdays, but you’re simply short-staffed in the scanning department? No worries, we’re here to help. We can also help out with staff members that can help scanning at the check-in desks.

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