Coordinate all exhibitors and attendees from one centralized place

Say goodbye to event planning chaos and hello to streamlined organization. From exhibitor coordination to attendee management, our platform revolutionizes the process for maximum impact.

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How trade fairs & trade shows use In2event

In2event lets you streamline the planning process and keep all of the import information neatly organized in one place. Find out more about our different features below.

Easily stay in touch with all exhibitors

Say goodbye to scattered communication and hello to a central hub for exhibitor coordination. No more endless phone calls or overflowing email inboxes.

Our platform provides a streamlined overview where you can request important details, send out forms and lists, track progress, and stay in the loop. It’s like having a dedicated hotline for exhibitor queries, eliminating the need for back-and-forth exchanges.

No more sleepless nights: Simplify your accommodation coordination

With our intuitive platform, managing accommodations becomes a breeze. Add a location, like a nearby hotel, and specify single rooms, double rooms, or suites.

Accommodating suppliers is effortless—they can select from preset options or inform you of their stay, letting you match them with the perfect beds.

Say farewell to spreadsheets and endless emails. Streamline the process, save time, and wonder how you survived without it.

Maximize attendance: Let exhibitors extend invitations

Expand your event’s reach with our platform, empowering exhibitors to effortlessly invite guests and boost attendance.

Exhibitors have the freedom to invite anyone, whether loyal clients or potential prospects, maximizing engagement.

Review invites personally or streamline your work with auto-approval. Let our platform do the work for you.

Register volunteers easily

Let volunteers easily apply for shifts themselves. Create a request form and share the link. Customize questions to gather all information you need.

Accreditation management

Easily mangage assigning accreditation. Just choose the available items, set limits, and empower exhibitors to take charge. You review and approve their requests, maintaining control effortlessly.


Our automatically generated reports save you from juggling multiple Excel sheets.
They’re real-time, ensuring your team always has the latest information at their fingertips.

Make sure everyone arrives prepped and well-informed


Don’t leave anyone guessing about the details of your event. Send out briefings with all necessary information.


E-tickets are automatically personalized and included with the briefings.

White label communication

Stay on-brand with fully customizable external communication.

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