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Planning a festival, concert, art exhibition, or cultural event? In2event streamlines organization. Manage artists, speakers, crew, suppliers, and guests effortlessly.

Festivals and music events that are powered by In2event:

In2event for Music & Festivals

In2event lets you streamline the planning process and keep all of the import information neatly organized in one place. Find out more about our different features below.

Start off right with a seamless registration process

Say goodbye to the tedious process of manually registering attendees. With In2event, registration is as easy as the click of a button.

With our customizable registration forms and centralized lists and overviews, it’s a seamless process for both the attendees and the organizer.

Effortlessly coordinate all bands, DJs, speakers, panelists, and other performers

Whether your event hosts bands, DJs, speakers, panelists, performers, or all of them; with In2event you can schedule and coordinate their performance and participation, keep track of their details and requirements, and communicate with them in one centralized place.

Take the hassle out of session planning and automate with us

Easily plan out all timeslots and open up sessions or workshops to attendees. You only have to fill out how many open spots there are and your attendees can register themselves.

Your all-round, digital HQ during showdays

Keep track of production items

Production control will help you stay on top of everything. Keep track of items and check which items have been picked up. On the other hand, you can hold suppliers responsible for things they’ve requested but didn’t pick up.

Integrate our hardware

Connecting the scanners and printers to Mission Control is a completely integrated process.

After that, scan e-tickets and the wristbands or badges get printed automatically. Your crowd is good to go within a minute.

Make sure everyone arrives prepped and well informed


Don’t leave anyone guessing about the details of your event. Send out briefings with all necessary information.

Personalized itineraries

In2event adds personalized itineraries to the briefings so you won’t have to.


E-tickets are automatically personalized and included with the briefings.

White label communication

Stay on-brand with fully customizable external communication.

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