Increasing the event safety at DGTL Amsterdam 2024

Join us in taking a closer look at how we helped DGTL during DGTL Festival to improve their on-site security.

The project: Improving event safety​

DGTL Festival, held at the iconic NDSM Werf in Amsterdam, faced a notable challenge this year: the city council required real-time tracking of attendance. This wasn’t just about having a headcount by the end of the day; it meant knowing exactly how many people were present at any moment.

On top of this, DGTL needed a secure and efficient way to manage entry for various categories of attendees, from regular ticket holders to artists, VIPs and staff. This set the stage for a complex logistical task that needed an innovative approach.

The challenges

DGTL Festival had two main challenges: meeting the city council’s real-time attendance tracking requirements and handling the entry process smoothly for a diverse range of attendees. This included ensuring that different groups, such as general admission, VIPs, staff, and guests, could be managed seamlessly and securely.

The need for continuous, real-time updates added a layer of complexity, as any delays or errors could impact the festival’s compliance with local regulations and overall attendee experience.

Implemented solutions

To address these challenges, DGTL partnered with Superstruct and integrated the In2event event management platform into their operations. 

Personalized wristbands were introduced for each attendee, which were not just regular wristbands but were embedded with unique identifiers. These wristbands, linked with Superstruct’s advanced turnstiles, served as individual access tokens. 

When attendees arrived, their wristbands were scanned at entry points. This system verified the authenticity of each wristband, creating a closed loop due the integration with check-in check-out, turn stills and our pda’s, continuously syncing who is in and who is out.

The In2event platform played a crucial role in streamlining the registration and management process for attendees, including those on exclusive or with a donation ticket.

Additionally, a dedicated external dashboard provided real-time insights into attendance numbers throughout the event. This dashboard was accessible to event organizers, enabling them to monitor attendance dynamically and make informed decisions quickly.

The technology also allowed for immediate updates to the city council, ensuring compliance with the mandated real-time tracking requirements.


The implementation of these solutions led to significant positive outcomes for DGTL Festival.

Enhanced security measures were achieved by effectively preventing unauthorized access, ensuring that only valid wristbands could gain entry.

The real-time attendance insights provided through the dashboard enabled organizers to manage crowd flow and make strategic decisions during the event.

This streamlined entry process not only improved the efficiency of managing different attendee groups but also elevated the overall experience for festival-goers by reducing wait times and potential entry issues.

Furthermore, DGTL successfully met the city council’s stringent requirements for real-time attendance tracking. This proactive approach to compliance demonstrated DGTL’s capability to adapt to regulatory demands while maintaining a high standard of event management.

The effective handling of these challenges set a new benchmark for how large-scale events can be managed with a focus on security, efficiency, and regulatory compliance.


In partnership with Superstruct and leveraging the In2event platform, DGTL Festival at NDSM Werf Amsterdam navigated the complexities of real-time attendance tracking and entry management with innovative solutions. This collaboration not only enhanced the festival’s security and operational efficiency but also ensured compliance with city regulations.

By setting a new standard for event management excellence, DGTL demonstrated how technology and strategic partnerships can transform challenges into successful outcomes, paving the way for future events to follow.

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