Elevate your fairs and trade shows with In2event

Say goodbye to event planning chaos and hello to streamlined organization. From exhibitor coordination to attendee management, our platform revolutionizes the process for maximum impact. In2event lets you streamline the planning process and keep all of the important information neatly organized in one place.

Easily Stay in Touch with All Exhibitors

No more endless phone calls or overflowing email inboxes. Our platform provides a streamlined overview where you can request important details, send out forms and lists, track progress, and stay in the loop. It’s like having a dedicated hotline for exhibitor queries, eliminating the need for back-and-forth exchanges.

Key features

Centralized Communication Hub

Store and access speaker details in one place.

Efficient Information Requests

Schedule sessions and automatically update speakers.

Progress Tracking

Send updates and reminders directly through the platform.

No More Sleepless Nights: Simplify Your Accommodation Coordination

With our intuitive platform, managing accommodations becomes a breeze. Add a location, like a nearby hotel, and specify single rooms, double rooms, or suites. Accommodating suppliers is effortless—they can select from preset options or inform you of their stay, letting you match them with the perfect beds.

Key Features

Intuitive accommodation management

Simplify accommodation coordination with an easy-to-use platform.

Flexible room options

Add locations and specify single rooms, double rooms, or suites.

Supplier self-selection

Allow suppliers to choose from preset options or inform you of their stay preferences.

Maximize attendance: Let exhibitors extend invitations

Expand your event’s reach with our platform, empowering exhibitors to effortlessly invite guests and boost attendance.Exhibitors have the freedom to invite anyone, whether loyal clients or potential prospects, maximizing engagement. Review invites personally or streamline your work with auto-approval. Let our platform do the work for you.

Key features

Effortless invitations

Allow exhibitors to easily invite guests, increasing event attendance.


Flexible approval options

Choose to review invites personally or utilize auto-approval for streamlined management.

Automated assistance

Let the platform handle the invitation process, reducing manual workload.

More benefits

Key features

Quick check-in

Speed up the check-in process with e-ticket scanning.

Instant badge printing

Print branded wristbands or badges on the spot.

Real-time monitoring

Use the Mission Control feature to monitor check-in status.

Why choose In2event?

In2event is designed to elevate your corporate events, making them more efficient, organized, and impactful. Our all-in-one platform simplifies every aspect of event planning, from registration and coordination to check-in and follow-up. By choosing In2event, you’ll ensure a professional, seamless experience for both your team and your attendees.

Key Benefits

Time Savings

Automate and streamline event planning tasks.

Improved Attendee Experience

Enhance the attendee journey from start to finish.

Professional Execution

Deliver polished, on-brand events with ease.



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What our clients say

In2Event has accelerated the production process for me in so many different ways! From gathering information from suppliers to sending out briefings. I could always find the overview in In2Event. My support throughout every production!
At DGTL, we have been working with In2Event since 2017 for our annual festivals and events during the Amsterdam Dance Event. The tool assists us with production, program modules, guest lists, and briefings. In2event even developed a new accreditation and check-in/out system using QR-code wristbands, significantly improving our event management.
With In2Event, we have a powerful tool in hand to streamline the Artist advancing process and centralize all information. Additionally, we annually process thousands of employees through In2Event's backstage accreditation system. The possibilities with In2Event are endless, and the team is available day and night to support you or brainstorm out-of-the-box ideas and implement new features. For us, In2Event is a very pleasant and reliable partner with whom we can handle any production.
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