Ensuring backstage event safety: How In2event keeps unwanted guests at bay

We’re about to dive into a topic that’s not as glamorous as the spotlight, but just as important – backstage security. When it comes to hosting a successful event, you can’t afford to overlook what’s happening behind the scenes. In this blog post, we’ll be chatting about why backstage event safety should be on your radar and how In2event can be your trusted partner in keeping things in check.

The sneaky risks of unregistered intruders

Ignoring backstage event safety and access control is a recipe for disaster. Uninvited guests crashing the party backstage can cause chaos, disrupt the flow, and potentially put people at risk.  

Maybe someone copied or sold counterfeit wristbands, giving unauthorized folks access to restricted areas. These unregistered intruders could cause all sorts of trouble, from breaking the rules to potentially endangering others. Plus, when it’s time for emergency protocols or evacuations, you need to know who’s in the building.

Trust us, you don’t want the headache of dealing with that mess. It’s all about ensuring everyone has a fantastic time while feeling safe and secure.

Powerful wristbands with unique QR codes

Through the In2event event management platform, every person that will have access to your event will be registered and approved before their arrival. This ensures that only authorized individuals are granted entry.

Upon scanning someone’s ticket, their wristband gets printed within seconds. These wristbands are personalized with a unique QR code, adding an extra layer of security. By assigning a unique QR code to each person, it is practically impossible for wristbands to be copied. In the unlikely event of any flagged activity or suspicious behavior, our system allows for swift identification and prompt action. 

All wristbands get a branded look, but we also offer the option to design highly specific wristband patterns. With our expertise in this field, we are capable of creating intricate designs that are very hard to replicate.

Utilize access zones 

Use our access zones feature to even further improve your on-site security. This allows you to split the event site into various areas with different access rights. It gives you full control over who can access specific areas. 

Every wristband will show which zones a person is allowed to access through letters printed on the wristband. This allows your security staff to quickly determine whether someone is authorized or not with a simple glance.

Enhance by automating your access control

Looking for a way to up your backstage event safety to an even higher level? Our platform works seamlessly together with the IQ-Pass turnstiles solutions. This allows you to have turnstiles installed at your event site, for instance at all the different area entrances, and to automate the access control management. 

The QR code on people’s wristbands contains their access zone information, among other things. The determination of which zones a person is or isn’t allowed to access has been processed beforehand within the In2event platform. While moving around the different zones, a person can simply self-check their wristband. The access readers on the turnstiles read the code and determine if that person can go through or not. Green means go, and red means no. It’s as easy as that. There’s no room for human error or exceptions, everything is determined beforehand and gets executed flawlessly.

IQ Pass automated turnstiles for better backstage event safety


In conclusion, by embracing In2event’s comprehensive backstage event safety measures, you can host an event that not only dazzles in the spotlight but also maintains a secure backstage environment. Protecting against unregistered intruders, streamlining access control through unique wristbands and access zones, and automating the process with turnstile integration, In2event ensures that safety remains a top priority, allowing everyone to fully enjoy the event without any concerns.

This blog post is intended to provide general information about backstage event safety and highlight the benefits of working with In2event. Looking for specific details or a tailored solution for your event? Get in touch with us today! 

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