The new and improved In2event scanning app 

We know exactly how hectic peak hours at your check-in desks can be. While the people are rolling in, you see the lines getting longer. You’re wishing you had more scanning equipment on hand to scale up for an hour or two.

With our new and improved scanning app, those worries are a thing of the past. Now, you’ll always be able to scale up when needed.

Scanning made easier

The In2event scanning app easily lets you scan tickets on your mobile devices. Everyone has a phone on hand these days, and with just a few clicks, these phones turn into an In2event scanning device. Busy moments won’t take you off guard anymore. 

You can easily log into the app and connect your account by scanning a QR code in your Mission Control. After that, you can scan as many tickets as needed. 

We can hear some of you thinking; ‘This sounds familiar…’ And you would be right. We’ve had such an app for a while now. However, this version is entirely new and built from scratch. We have improved on many points: We’ve solved bugs and we greatly enhanced the user experience and app speed. We can confidently promise you that, if you were a user of our previous app, you will be delighted with this new version.

Created in-house

Behind the scenes, our very own developer Janitha has been working on our new and improved In2event scanning app. We gladly announce that it’s available to download as of today on iOs. It will be added to the Playstore this coming week. You can download the app on iOs here

If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. There are many more exciting things happening at In2event right now. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn to get all scoops!

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