Joining forces to improve access management at Extrema Outdoor Extra

In2event is an event management platform. We’re used by all sorts of events, all over the world. Everything that happens backstage can be managed with In2event, from start to finish. One of the many features In2event provides is printing personalized wristbands on-site. Extrema Outdoor Extra used this feature in a special way. 

One of Belgium’s leading festival weekenders, Extrema Outdoor Extra, took place on the 17th, 18th and 19th of September. Almost 60.000 visitors made the journey to Houthalen-Helchteren. Along with these visitors, more than 3.000 crew members, artists, and press members were present. Want to find out more about how In2Event helped Extrema with its access management? And what does IQ-Pass have to do with this? Continue reading to find out. 

Often, printing wristbands on-site is done for catering accreditation purposes. Besides a name, company or event name, and access indicators, the wristbands will contain a QR-code that can be scanned with our Scan App or with 2D Barcode scanners connected to a laptop or tablet. Usually, events use QR-codes for manual zone management, with crew members manning the different access points. 

Extrema, however, took it a few steps further by setting up a smart, technical and automated solution. 

Automated access management

The solution for Extrema came together with IQ-Pass. IQ-Pass is a Dutch company that specializes in (temporary) access control, with the use of smart technology. They installed turnstiles with access readers. They allow users to connect the turnstiles to virtually any access control system. This means the turnstiles can easily be hooked up to our In2Event software. IQ-pass connected to our API to match their hardware with our software.  

Because of this solution, the organization didn’t have to set up 12 security posts that otherwise would have been manned 24/7. Now they had 12 self-functioning access points. There was also no room for errors or discussion since the access flow was completely automated. When access management is executed like this, it highly increases the safety of the event. All in all, definitely an access management solution we’re very excited about!

IQ-Pass installed 12 turnstiles on the festival grounds, dividing the area into four different zones. Upon entering the site, each individual received their own personalized wristband. The QR-code on their wristband contained the zone management information (among other things). Which zones a person is or isn’t allowed to access was determined beforehand and processed within the In2Event platform. While moving around the different zones, a person can simply self-check their wristband. The access readers on the turnstiles read the code and determine if that person can go through or not. Green means go, red means no. Easy as that. 

Are you excited about this solution as well? Or do you have a specific idea for what your event could really use? Hit us up! Coming up with interesting and innovative ideas together with our clients is what we’re passionate about.

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