Elevate your congresses and seminars – while staying on brand

Congresses, conferences, product launches, seminars, networking events: In2event helps you streamline the complex journey of organizing corporate events.


Upgrade your check-in process to make a great first impression

No more hand-written badges and long lines. After scanning an e-ticket, branded wristbands or badges get printed immediately and within seconds. This ensures a smooth and quick check-in process, providing a great start to the event.

With our Mission Control feature, you can stay informed on the number of checked-in attendees in real-time.

Key features

Streamlined check-in process

Immediate printing of branded wristbands or badges after scanning e-tickets, eliminating handwritten badges and long lines.

Efficient and quick

Ensures a smooth and quick check-in process, providing a great start to the event.

Real-time attendee tracking

Mission Control feature allows real-time monitoring of the number of checked-in attendees.

Take the hassle out of session planning and automate with us

Easily plan out all timeslots and open up sessions or workshops to attendees. You only have to fill out how many open spots there are and your attendees can register themselves.

Key Features

Automated session planning

Simplify planning by automating the scheduling of timeslots for sessions or workshops.

Self-registration for attendees

Attendees can register themselves for sessions or workshops, based on available spots.

Capacity management

Easy input of available spots for each session, ensuring proper attendee management.

Inform and prepare attendees

Effortlessly schedule all timeslots and open up sessions or workshops for attendees. Simply specify the number of available spots and let attendees register themselves, ensuring a smooth and organized event.

Key features


Don’t leave anyone guessing about the details of your event. Send out briefings with all necessary information.


E-tickets are automatically personalized and included with the briefings.

White label communication

Stay on-brand with fully customizable external communication.

Why choose In2event?

In2event is designed to elevate your congresses, seminars and product launches, making them more efficient, organized, and impactful. Our all-in-one platform simplifies every aspect of event planning, from registration and coordination to check-in and follow-up. By choosing In2event, you’ll ensure a professional, seamless experience for both your team and your attendees.


What our clients say

In2Event has accelerated the production process for me in so many different ways! From gathering information from suppliers to sending out briefings. I could always find the overview in In2Event. My support throughout every production!
At DGTL, we have been working with In2Event since 2017 for our annual festivals and events during the Amsterdam Dance Event. The tool assists us with production, program modules, guest lists, and briefings. In2event even developed a new accreditation and check-in/out system using QR-code wristbands, significantly improving our event management.
With In2Event, we have a powerful tool in hand to streamline the Artist advancing process and centralize all information. Additionally, we annually process thousands of employees through In2Event's backstage accreditation system. The possibilities with In2Event are endless, and the team is available day and night to support you or brainstorm out-of-the-box ideas and implement new features. For us, In2Event is a very pleasant and reliable partner with whom we can handle any production.
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