Elevate Your Sports Events with In2Event

Managing sports events can be a stressful task, but with In2Event, you’ll stay ahead of the game without breaking a sweat. From seamless registration to real-time updates, our comprehensive platform ensures your sports events are organized, efficient, and successful. 

Streamlined Planning for Sports Events

In2event allows you to streamline the planning process and keep all crucial information neatly organized in one place. Our platform is designed to handle everything from team profiles to match planning, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.


Key features

Team profiles

Create and manage detailed team profiles, including essential data about matches and athletes. All information is stored in a GDPR-compliant system, so you never have to repeat the work for future events.

Match planning

Add all lanes, fields, or courts and start planning matches with ease. Our system generates a clear timetable automatically, making scheduling a breeze.

Support staff

Easily manage the support staff brought by athletes. Always stay in the know of who is coming to your event. The support staff details are right where you’ll need them: at the team profiles.

Effortless communication and coordination

Effective communication is essential for successful sports events. With In2Event, you can easily send personalized briefings, assign accreditations, and generate automated itineraries, ensuring everyone knows where they need to be and when.

Key features

Personalized briefings

Communicate with athletes and teams effortlessly by sending out briefings with just a few clicks.


Assign necessary items to athletes in advance or let them request what they need themselves, ensuring they are fully prepared.

Automated itineraries

Provide personalized itineraries, from locker rooms to awards shows, so teams and athletes always know their schedules.

Register volunteers easily

Working with volunteers? Let them easily apply for shifts themselves. Build a request form with custom questions to collect all the information you need. Share the link and watch the replies roll in.

Travel Overviews

Complete the team profiles with travel information by adding their flights and transfers. Assign hotel rooms or let teams request the rooms they need. All details are added to the itineraries.


Tired of maintaining 20 different Excel sheets? Our automated reports are real-time, so everyone on your team will always have the latest info on hand.

Why choose In2event?

In2event is designed to elevate your corporate events, making them more efficient, organized, and impactful. Our all-in-one platform simplifies every aspect of event planning, from registration and coordination to check-in and follow-up. By choosing In2event, you’ll ensure a professional, seamless experience for both your team and your attendees.

What our clients say

In2Event has accelerated the production process for me in so many different ways! From gathering information from suppliers to sending out briefings. I could always find the overview in In2Event. My support throughout every production!
At DGTL, we have been working with In2Event since 2017 for our annual festivals and events during the Amsterdam Dance Event. The tool assists us with production, program modules, guest lists, and briefings. In2event even developed a new accreditation and check-in/out system using QR-code wristbands, significantly improving our event management.
With In2Event, we have a powerful tool in hand to streamline the Artist advancing process and centralize all information. Additionally, we annually process thousands of employees through In2Event's backstage accreditation system. The possibilities with In2Event are endless, and the team is available day and night to support you or brainstorm out-of-the-box ideas and implement new features. For us, In2Event is a very pleasant and reliable partner with whom we can handle any production.
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