Adyen Tech Event x In2event

The Adyen Tech Event: a globally attended three-day event, featured over 60 presentations with a wide range of topics, from the latest developments and product demonstrations to a hackathon and opportunities to support non-profit organizations. There were escape rooms, a payments game, food trucks, and of course, a big party. 

For a glimpse at this event, check out the video Adyen posted on Instagram.

In this post, we’ll tell you how Adyen worked with the In2event platform to host this amazing event.


The event’s host, Adyen, is a renowned player in the world of financial technology, known for its comprehensive platform that combines end-to-end payments capabilities, data-driven insights, and financial products in a single global solution. This platform empowers businesses to efficiently process payments, safeguard their revenue, and manage their finances effectively.

In2event’s Collaboration with Adyen Tech Event

In2event had the privilege of collaborating with Adyen Tech Event once again, this time for the comprehensive registration process of all event attendees. 

Attendees were invited to Adyen Tech Event through In2event. All invitees were registered on the platform and received a RSVP invite. 

After accepting the invitation, attendees could easily select the presentations they wanted to attend. They did this through the app Ayden Tech Event built for the event.  

Because of the integration via In2event’s API, the In2event platform seamlessly connected with the app. All registration details and presentation preferences were automatically synchronized into our platform. 

Brownys, who produced the event for Adyen, didn’t have to worry about presentations having more attendees than there was space. The maximum number of attendees per session was determined in the platform. This way, the possibility of not having enough seats was eliminated. It was also completely clear in advance which presentations and subjects were popular.  

This streamlined and data-focused approach provided the event organizers with a clear overview. Not only of the number of attendees but also which specific sessions they had chosen.

How do RSVP invites work?

By using the RSVP feature In2event offers, you can manage your tickets better. You create a guestlist and after approving it, every person on the list receives an email with their personal invitation. Every person has to accept or decline the invitation. Only the persons who accept the invitation will receive a ticket for the event. 

Personalized wristbands for a seamless attendee experience 

Upon arrival at the Adyen Tech Event, each attendee’s QR access code from the app was scanned, linking it to a personalized wristband with another QR code. This wristband served as a unique identifier. It connects attendees with their accreditation. Every attendee could pick up a merch sweater. This sweater is assigned to each attendee personally. With their QR-coded wristband, everyone could pick up a sweater. The hostesses simply scan somebody’s wristband with an In2event PDA, and hand them a sweater. All handouts are immediately and automatically tracked in the platform. Because of this, the organization knows exactly who has or hasn’t picked up the gift. There is also no possibility of someone picking up more than one sweater. 

Personalized itineraries

The wristband is also connected to every attendee’s personal event itinerary. This is based on the presentations they signed up for. Before entering a presentation, event hostesses used In2event’s PDAs to scan the wristbands, ensuring a smooth and efficient check-in process.

This approach provided the event organizers with real-time insights into the number of attendees on each day and in each breakout session, as well as valuable data on registrants who had signed up for sessions but ultimately did not attend.

On-site services

Ingrid, part of our Sales & Accounts team, was on-site throughout the event to help out, oversee the use of the platform, and solve any issues. Fortunately, the event ran without a hitch, thanks to the seamless collaboration between Adyen and In2event.

The power of collaboration

The Adyen Tech Event clearly illustrates how innovative technologies and seamless collaboration between two great platforms can result in streamlined, personalized, and unforgettable events. This event highlights how technology can assist in reducing no-shows and enhancing the overall event experience.

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