The Mobility Report – A deeper dive into In2event’s latest feature

We’ve got a brand-new feature to discuss with you: the Mobility Report. In today’s post, we tell you about the feature, why it’s important, and how Into The Great Wide Open experienced using it for the first time. 

Enabling attendees to communicate their mode of transportation

The mobility report feature is a practical solution for event organizers who want to understand how attendees get to the event. When you send out details or requests, recipients can easily tell you how they will be traveling to the event. A user-friendly menu covers all options, from private cars to public transport. The recipient will tell you how many kilometers they travel using this means of transport. All answers will be combined in a detailed mobility report, enabling you to calculate the impact of all travels. 

Tracking mobility for a greener future

We’re finding ourselves in the era of responsible event management. Understanding and registering CO2 emissions is not just a trend—it’s a responsibility. 

Did you know at least 50-80% of an event’s total CO2 emissions come from travel and transport? More and more organizations realize the impact their events have and want to do their part in lowering this. Our new mobility report feature will help to do so. It will make it easier to map out and analyze the CO2 emissions coming from transportation to and from the event. This will make it easier to create a plan to reduce emissions. 

Tested a success

Recently, the new feature was tested at Into The Great Wide Open, a festival actively working on its sustainability. They not only want to lower their impact; their ultimate goal is to be climate-positive. 

ITGWO was the first client to test our new feature and we’re happy to say that everything went excellent. 

We have spoken to Tijl Couzij, Head of Sustainability and Innovation at Into The Great Wide Open. He stated “This tool is immensely helpful. Because the report is filterable, you can clearly see a difference between, for example, the crew and others.” It’s important to identify where you can exert influence. This will make it easier to create a game plan for future editions and to identify the low-hanging fruit. 

Facts and figures

Some facts and figures ITGWO was able to extract from the mobility report:

  • 1850 crew members, volunteers, artists, and suppliers communicated their means of transportation;
  • 73% of them are already traveling fossil-free;
  • They come to the festival by sailboat, train, with the electric shuttle service, or by an electric car that’s charged with green energy; 

Through annual registration of this data, the organization gains a clear insight into the evolving trend of fossil-free travel percentages. This enables proactive responsiveness, leveraging the report’s clarity to identify remaining opportunities for improvement.

Accessible for all clients

This feature is now accessible to all our clients. It is not yet automatically available in your account, but a simple request is all it takes. Let us know if you want to use the feature, and our team will activate it and guide you through the setup process. 

Are you ready to make a difference? Let’s make it happen! 🌍🌟

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