In2event Wrapped: Looking back at 2023

The year is coming to an end, and boy; it. was. a. year. So much has happened for In2event in 2023 and we’re grateful for every one of those things. 

First of all, a big thank you to all of you. Whether you’re a client or just a fan of our blog; we’re glad to have you here. Without you, none of this would have been possible. 

What are all these things, you wonder? Let’s have a look!

New office

It feels like we’ve been in our new office forever, but in reality, it’s only been a little over a year. Over this period, we’ve continually worked on enhancing the space to transform it into our ultimate home base. From painting the walls to selecting and rearranging furniture, our office has become more than just a workplace—it’s where our team comes together to work, celebrate, share meals, engage in deep conversations, play games, and share both laughter and tears.

New Sales & Accounts team

2023 witnessed the introduction of our new sales team. Ingrid joined us in January, followed by Gitta and Vienna two months later. Despite the complexity of our platform, they quickly mastered the ins and outs, showcasing impressive dedication and knowledge.


We’re currently in the midst of the first round of the In2event Academy. Two Academy days are already completed and there are two more sessions to go. The response has been overwhelming, leading to full sessions and even waitlists. Following this round of Academy days, we will carefully evaluate, and get ready for the next round of educational opportunities.

Global reach

Call us Mr. Worldwide, becaues In2event has left its mark on the global stage this year. From the United States of America to the United Arab Emirates and every corner in between, our presence has crossed continents. We’re quite proud of this, seeing as it clearly showcases our diversity in clients and their events, and our adaptability.

Platform updates and new features

We grew in space, the team grew and the list of countries we’re active in keeps on growing. But we don’t stop there. Of course, the platform itself also grew. There were quite some new features launched this year.

These features all enhance the overall user experience and make your work easier. Because that’s what we’re here for. We’re committed to staying at the forefront of technology, always making sure we follow new opportunities to improve the platform.

Expanded hardware rental options

Some exciting news on the hardware front: We have invested in a new kind of equipment. We now have digital kiosks with built-in scanners. The kiosks’ screen is 15.6 inch, making it our biggest pieces yet.

These check-in screens make the check-in flow much easier and make self-service check-ins possible. They work on their own and don’t need an extra laptop or computer attached to them. 

At the moment the the hardware is being tested at an event in Dubai. They’ll return to our HQ in January and will be available for you from then. We’ll be writing an extensive blog post on them before they come available, so keep an eye out. 

Thank you for being part of the In2event story. We look forward to another year of assisting you in organizing the most spectacular events. Have a lovely festive season, and we’ll speak soon.

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