Festival ready? Don’t forget the sunscreen!

We have some great news to share with you. We’ve secured an incredible deal with Zilveren Kruis that will add a fantastic touch to your events. Best part? It’s completely free for our clients. Keep reading to learn more about what this partnership can mean to your events. 

Zilveren Kruis and In2event join forces for sun safety

Zilveren Kruis, the largest health insurer in the Netherlands, is on a mission to spread more awareness about skin cancer and the importance of wearing sunscreen. 

To stimulate people to actively wear sunscreen, Zilveren Kruis is placing sunscreen stations all over the country. These sunscreen stations make sunscreen freely available for everyone. A mission we proudly support.

Bringing sun safety to your event

Our exclusive partnership with Zilveren Kruis makes it possible for In2event clients to have the sunscreen stations placed at their events. We’ve got you covered, it will cost you nothing to have these dispensers at your event. Zilveren Kruis, Sundo (the dispenser’s developer), and us will handle everything for you. From placement, to refilling, and manning the station.

These sunscreen stations are no regular sunblock dispensers. They’re the result of Sundo’s creative design and commitment to the environment. These hands-free stations are solar-powered. They also show how intense the sun is with the UV index and give you advice on how to stay safe and enjoy the festival.

Why sun protection matters

Without protection, dancing and having fun in the sun could quickly turn a festival experience into a nightmare. Sunburns are painful, uncomfortable and can make you feel miserable.

But of course, sunscreen’s importance goes beyond preventing some pain. It is essential for the long-term health of your skin.

Did you know that skin cancer is the most occurring form of cancer in the Netherlands? The more you experience sunburn, the bigger the chance of getting skin cancer. One of the most crucial aspects of preventing skin cancer is using sunscreen and reapplying it during the day. Simple as that. 

Secure your sun-safe festival

We are incredibly happy to have partnered with Zilveren Kruis. Please contact Ingrid if you are interested in having one of these sunscreen stations at your event. But, availability may be limited. So act fast and secure this incredible opportunity to keep your festival fun and sun-safe!

Choose sun safety & get in touch today!

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