Manage your staff easily and create seamless experiences

Informing and tracking info of all of your staff members can be a time-consuming task. In2event will help you with our crew lists, briefings that are easy to create and update and smoother than ever check-in process.

Highlighted features

  • Accreditation & Access Zones

  • Crowd & Registration

  • Formbuilder

  • Briefings & E-tickets

  • Mission Control

  • Reports

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Collect all crew details you need with just a few clicks

Keep control of your staff by creating and sending out different kinds of crew lists.

We give external parties the opportunity to create crew lists themselves. This way, the responsibility is shifted as much as possible to the external parties.
All that’s left for you to do, is to check and approve the lists.

We’ve created a nifty overview that will show you all lists and their statuses in an instant. You’ll see which lists need your attention in the blink of an eye.

Make sure everyone has what they need

Easily manage all items your staff members may need. Parking tickets, meal vouchers, wristbands, t-shirts, or anything else you can think of. Simply add the items to the system and start assigning.

It’s also possible to send out lists and have your staff members request what they need. You set the limits and after that, all you have to do is wait.

With our auto-approve function, even approving is optional.

Crew briefings from the In2Event event management system shown on mobile

Send personalized briefings to your staff to make sure they arrive well informed

With the help of our user-friendly drag and drop tool, you’ll be able to create personalized briefings that are entirely customizable to fit your brand. Send out briefings to approved staff members automatically and provide them with specific information.

Briefings can include itineraries, directions, house rules, e-tickets, accommodations and much more.

Check-in your crew with speed and ease

Make your staff feel welcome with a smooth and quick check-in at the event. Scan e-tickets and the wristbands or badges get printed automatically.

The items that are assigned to a staff member will show up on the screen immediately, making it easy to hand out accreditation. Your crew is good to go within minutes.

Crew and staff management tool of In2Event is shown


Create and send out special forms, totally customizable to your brand and your needs.

Access zones

With access zones, you can simplify and regulate access management and improve your on-site security.


Keep track of all crucial information regarding your event, such as accreditations, accommodations, production needs and much more.

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