Make sure everything runs smoothly on the big day

Stressful show days are a thing of the past with the help of In2event. Seamless access control starts with good preparation. We will help you gather and unclutter all information. Our software creates nifty overviews, extensive lists, and elaborate reports.

Highlighted features

  • Accreditation & Access zones

  • Briefings & E-tickets

  • Mission Control

  • Reports

  • Hardware

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Mission control overview and accreditation management pop-up
Staff management overview image in the In2Event event management system

Simplify your access control management

Use our access zones feature to improve your on-site security. Simply split up your venue into multiple zones and decide who can go where.

Set up your accreditations and assign items efficiently to every added person. This gives you a clear overview in advance of what people are entitled to. You will know exactly how many items you need.

Use personalized briefings and e-tickets to manage your visitors

Create and send out briefings. Want to add some more information after sending them? No worries! Our briefings are real-time, so everyone will always have the latest info on hand.

With the automatically generated e-tickets, In2event ensures a smooth and quick check-in process.

phone showing briefing overview  in the In2Event event management system
Crew management overview screen  in the In2Event event management system

Check-in your event crowd with speed and ease

Scan e-tickets and the wristbands or badges get printed directly. After scanning a person’s e-ticket they’re checked in. This way, you can see exactly how many non-paying visitors have already joined the event.

The items that are assigned to people will show up on the screen instantly, making it easy to hand out accreditation. This will make sure your crowd is good to go within a minute.


Keep track of all crucial information regarding your events, such as credentials, catering, production needs and much more with our extensive automatically generated reports.


We can also provide you with hardware. We have wristband printers, voucher printers, and scanners. This way you can easily set up complete check-in desks and hand out everything your crowd needs.

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