A Royal King’s Day with Vinke Vision

Join us in taking a closer look at how we helped Vinke Vision during King’s Day to improve their accreditation management and access control.

The project: Improving event safety

Koningsdag, or King’s Day, the Dutch national celebration of the monarchy, took place in Emmen this year.

This event attracts huge crowds to witness the Royal Family. Managing such a prestigious event requires intricate accreditation processes. In this case especially. Instead of an event at a single location, this event spans across various sectors along the route.

Vinke Vision, a long-term client of In2event, sought a comprehensive solution to handle these complex accreditation requirements.

The challenge

Preparing for Koningsdag came with its own set of hurdles due to the event’s unique setup. The route was divided into four distinct zones, each with specific needs, from security to police services.

Ensuring smooth operations was critical, particularly with the detailed screening required for those moving beyond the initial perimeter surrounding the Royal Family.

A tailored solution approach

In close collaboration with Vinke Vision, In2event developed a customized plan to handle the complex accreditation requirements. Before the event, everyone involved had to register and received specialized passes tailored to their specific zones. In2event ensured that all information was verified and kept secure and confidential.

On the day of Koningsdag, attendees passed through specialized “wash stations” where their passes were quickly checked using In2event’s handheld PDAs. A green screen means go, a red screen means no. Simple as that. 

Those with red scanning results were directed appropriately, keeping the entire process organized and secure.

Reflecting with Eva

Eva Schotanus, the accreditation manager, praised the seamless execution of the accreditation process. She highlighted In2event’s platform and support as crucial to managing this complex procedure effectively.

Eva was particularly impressed with the real-time insights provided by In2event, which facilitated quick decision-making throughout the event. According to her, the platform’s smooth operation and instant data access were key to ensuring the event’s success and compliance with safety standards.

“(...) The platform’s smooth operations and instant data access were key to ensuring the event’s success and compliance with safety standards.”
Eva Schotanus
Accreditation Manager at Vinke Vision


In2event’s collaboration with Vinke Vision for Koningsdag in Emmen is a great example of the effectiveness of tailored event management solutions. With careful planning, flawless execution, and real-time insights, In2event provided a solid foundation for managing the intricate accreditation process.

Vinke Vision’s longstanding partnership with In2event underscores their trust in the platform’s reliability and effectiveness. This successful collaboration sets a high standard for future events, demonstrating the importance of robust event management solutions in achieving smooth operations and safety compliance.

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